LifeOmic Review: Can These Health Apps Really Help Practitioners?

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  1. Product: Cloud-based health platform, mobile apps.
  2. Cost: Not disclosed.
  3. Features: Health data storage and analysis, mobile apps for health, client management, educational content.
  4. Who is it for: Healthcare providers, health coaches, employers, and individuals.
  5. Alternatives: SelfDecode Pro helps health professionals manage their clients and build custom health plans by providing personalized recommendations based on DNA, labs, and environmental data.


  • Integrates genomics, clinical, imaging, and population data
  • A variety of free client apps
  • Practitioners can share care plans with clients via a mobile application


  • Limited number of health tests available
  • Offers third-party testing. LifeOmic may receive a commission if you purchase tests
  • Does not provide personalized health recommendations based on health data
  • Some products and services are only available in the US

What if LifeOmic?

LifeOmic is a precision health platform for storage, retrieval, analysis, and clinical use of patient information, such as genomics, clinical, imaging, wearables, and population data. The company offers a variety of health apps for consumers, healthcare, employers, and health coaches.

LifeOmic was founded in 2016 by CEO Dr. Don Brown and is headquartered in Indianapolis, Indiana.

LifeOmic Products & Features

LifeOmic offers a variety of products and services for different purposes and healthcare areas, such as:

  • Oncology
  • Cardiology
  • Functional Medicine
  • Employee Wellness
  • Health Coaching
  • Individuals

Precision Health Cloud

The LifeOmic Precision Health Cloud (PHC) can integrate genomic, clinical, and other health data for indexing and visualization. As can be seen below, practitioners can view and track different data sets such as weight, BMI, glucose, and heart rate, and identify trends to support clinical decisions.

LifeOmic Dashboard

PHC integrates with EMRs to retrieve patient data and lab values. Practitioners cannot order tests directly from the LifeOmic app.

The platform offers insights into health data and trends across multiple patients. Practitioners can view graphs and charts for small cohorts or entire populations and customize the graphical interface according to their needs.

LifeOmic does not analyze DNA or other health data to provide personalized health recommendations or suggestions to help practitioners choose the best treatment plan for their clients. Professionals need to interpret the data available and create health plans based on this information.

You can view a snippet of the application below.

LifeOmic Insights

LifeOmic Precision Health Cloud allows practitioners to create surveys, which are delivered to patients and clients on the app. The company provides an interactive survey builder for professionals to create, manage, and deliver surveys. Data collected from patients through the LifeOmic app is available on the PHC.

With the PHC, practitioners can analyze genomic data. It integrates with DNA sequencing vendors such as FoundationOne, NantOmics, and others. They offer a genomics knowledge base including information from public, commercial and private sources.

LifeOmic allows professional users to navigate and filter genomic data for individual patients, as can be seen below. They do not provide personalized health recommendations based on patients’ DNA results.

LifeOmic DNA data

LifeOmic Apps

LifeOmic offers apps for consumers, healthcare professionals, health coaches, and employers.

LIFE Extend

Healthcare providers and health coaches can use this LifeOmic app to collect data from patients and clients and share care plans. Data acquired via the mobile application is aggregated along with clinical data from EMRs, genomic data, and others.

Users can track their daily habits such as food intake, exercise, sleep, and fasting period. They can also enter body metrics such as weight, blood glucose, and ketones. LifeOmic also allows users to purchase a small number of health tests, supplements, and other health-related products directly from the app.

Below you can view screenshots of the LIFE Extend app.

LifeOmic app LIFE Extend

LIFE Fasting Tracker

LIFE Fasting Tracker allows users to track their fasting status, mood, and share progress. LifeOmics also includes articles with fasting tips.

You can view screenshots from this app below.

LifeOmic fasting app

LIFE Ascent

LIFE Ascent is a 52-week program that covers 13 different health topics, including metabolic and cardiovascular health, among others. It is available starting January 1st.


LifeOmic offers digital mini-courses. It is a mobile-first platform for patient education.

Precision Wellness

LifeOmic Precision Wellness is a wellness program employers can make available to their employees. It includes:

  • Biomarker and genetic analysis
  • Social and environmental factors
  • Health habits reinforcement
  • Access to in-app coaches for health recommendations

Precision Outcomes

Precision Outcomes is a mobile app that allows patients to track health metrics. Practitioners and researchers can choose which metrics they would like patients to track. LifeOmics also provides educational content for engagement.

LifeOmic Cost

No pricing information is available for the Precision Health Cloud, Precision Outcomes, or Precision Wellness. To learn more, health practitioners and coaches need to contact LifeOmic.

The LIFE Extend mobile app is free for consumers. LIFE Ascent costs from $17 – $40 per month.

Health Recommendations from LifeOmic

LifeOmic graphical interface allows healthcare providers to visualize health data and identify trends that may be able to help them provide health recommendations and build health plans for their patients or clients.

However, the platform does not analyze health data to provide suggestions based on DNA, labs, and environmental data to help health professionals choose the best treatment plan for their clients. With LifeOmic, you will need to interpret the data and sort through the research available in order to find the best course of action for your clients.

LifeOmic Privacy & Data Security

LifeOmic claims that the Precision Health Cloud is HIPAA compliant, HITRUST CSF Certified, and GDPR compliant.

The company claims not to share data with third parties without user consent. They may share information with their business units, affiliates, subsidiaries, business partners, service providers.

LifeOmic Reviews

Google Play – 440 Customer Average Rating of 3.1 of 5 stars

Users on the Google Play store complain that the app is very focused on fasting, and some report that the app can be slow-loading and difficult to navigate in the beginning.

Apple App Store – 388 Customer Average Rating of 4.5 of 5 stars

Users on the Apple App Store seem satisfied with the app, with some complaints about it requiring too much manual data entry and health tracker syncing issues.

Alternatives to LifeOmic

The LifeOmic apps and Precision Health Cloud can help healthcare providers identify trends, educate patients, and provide health plans for patients and clients. However, they do not analyze DNA, labs, or environmental data to actually provide tailored recommendations based on each user’s unique health information.

To deliver the truly personalized care your clients are looking for, there are other complementary or even alternative services you should consider. SelfDecode Pro analyzes DNA and labs to provide personalized and prioritized diet, lifestyle, and supplement recommendations to help you create the best treatment plans for each of your clients based on what they need.

LifeOmic vs SelfDecode

Personalized Health Recommendations

SelfDecode uses cutting-edge AI and machine learning to analyze up to 83 million genetic variants and gives personalized health recommendations based on each client’s unique DNA. You can upload your client’s preexisting DNA file or order DNA tests from SelfDecode to get access to the reports.

By analyzing up to 1 million+ variants per report, SelfDecode is able to provide the most accurate genetic risk results and recommendations for your clients. You can easily sort through over 40 DNA Wellness Reports covering a wide range of health topics, including weight, gut health, fatigue, inflammation, and many others.

LifeOmic alternative DNA

SelfDecode is a great tool that can help support your clinical decision-making process when it comes to treating your clients. All reports are based on the latest scientific research and updated to reflect new discoveries.

Analyze & Track Labs

With SelfDecode Pro, you can upload lab results or order lab tests from SelfDecode to receive tailored insights on how to optimize over 1,000 lab markers. By understanding the current health status of your clients, it can help you choose the best individualized treatment plan to help them achieve their goals.

You can drag and drop lab results or manually enter values, track results over time, and easily identify trends by using SelfDecode’s graphical interface. View detailed explanations about each marker and tailored suggestions on what your client can do to optimize their levels.

LifeOmic alternative labs

Data-Driven Health Regimen Builder

SelfDecode helps you save time by allowing you to easily create custom health plans for each client with a click of a button, directly from the DNA and lab reports. SelfDecode provides detailed explanations on the health topic and recommendations, citing all peer-reviewed studies used to support the reports.

After deciding on the best course of action for your client, you can set the frequency and duration of each recommendation for them to follow and share treatment plans with your client.

LifeOmic alternative health plan

LifeOmic Review Summary

LifeOmics offers solutions for healthcare that include a variety of precision health apps available to professionals and individual consumers. The platform integrates genomics, imagining, clinical, and other health data and allows practitioners to better visualize it through graphical interfaces.

While LifeOmic can help health professionals store and sort through different health data with an easy-to-understand and customizable dashboard, the platform does not analyze data to provide tailored recommendations based on the health data. Health practitioners will need to interpret the information and sort through the research in order to create health plans for their clients.

Other alternatives may help you save time and provide truly personalized treatments for your clients. SelfDecode Pro analyzes DNA, labs, and environmental data to provide personalized diet, lifestyle, and supplement recommendations tailored to your client’s unique needs.

Are you a health practitioner? Book a free strategy call today to see if SelfDecode Pro is the right fit for you and your practice.

Health practitioner tool

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