Genex Diagnostics Review: Affordable At-Home DNA Testing?

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  1. Products: DNA tests.
  2. Cost: $99 to $489.
  3. Reports: Relationship, health, nutrition, fitness, and ancestry reports.
  4. Raw data access: No.
  5. Privacy: Genex Diagnostics claims to not share personal information with third parties.
  6. Alternatives: SelfDecode offers personalized health recommendations based on an analysis of up to 83 million genetic variants.


  • The company offers a variety of DNA tests and reports.
  • Offers expert Ph.D. consultations for a fee.


  • Each DNA report requires a different test.
  • The tests are expensive.
  • There are extra costs for additional reports and consultations.

About Genex Diagnostics

Genex Diagnostics is a DNA testing company founded in 2003. They claim their goal is to make DNA testing more accessible and believe that genetic testing will become a standard of care in personalized medicine. The company states they currently process about 60,000 samples annually. They ship their tests worldwide.

Review of Genex Diagnostics Products & Features

Genex Diagnostics offers at-home health, wellness, and relationship DNA tests. As shown below, the company explains the benefits of genetic testing.

The Relationship tests are indicated for those who wish to confirm a biological relationship. The results are ready in one business day, and the company offers tests that can be used for legal purposes for an increased price. The tests include Paternity and Maternity tests, a DNA Grandparent test, and others.

The Health & Disease tests give information about many health conditions. The company offers the following tests:

  • Alzheimer’s Disease
  • Hemochromatosis
  • Skin Health
  • Thrombotic Risk
  • Osteoporosis
  • Cardiovascular Health
  • Type 2 Diabetes
  • Cardiovascular Disease
  • Narcolepsy

The Diet & Fitness tests deliver DNA-based information on nutrition, fitness, and food sensitivities. The tests are listed below.

  • Diet and Fitness 3 Test Combo (Nutrition, Fitness, and Weight Loss)
  • Nutrition
  • Fitness
  • Weight Loss
  • Celiac Disease
  • Caffeine Sensitivity
  • Lactose Intolerance
  • Alcohol Intolerance

The Behavior & Traits tests discuss several personality traits and conditions such as aggressiveness, love for adventure, anxiety, and depression.

The DNA Maternal Ancestry test is a mitochondrial DNA test that traces direct maternal lineage. The DNA Paternal Ancestry test analyzes markers on the Y chromosome to determine direct paternal lineage.

Each DNA test requires an individual sample collection, and the reports are delivered separately. The company offers phone consultations and expert Ph.D. consultations for an additional fee.

Review of Genex Diagnostics Reports

Genex Diagnostics does not offer sample reports, so it’s unclear what results you’ll receive. The reports are available on the user’s secure online account. Customers can also request that the report be mailed or emailed to them.

The company claims that the health and wellness reports include explanations about how DNA and health are connected, but they do not offer personalized recommendations to help you address your health issues. Genex only states that physicians can use your results to plan personalized treatment plans.

The Health & Disease reports include an analysis of various health conditions. Each test analyzes genetic markers related to the specific condition. For example, the Cardiovascular Health test examines SNPs related to lipid levels, including cholesterol and triglycerides. The report reveals if you have genetic variants that can affect heart health.

The Diet & Fitness tests focus on traits that are linked to overall well-being, such as fitness and nutrition. For instance, the Nutrition test analyzes how genes affect the absorption and usage of certain vitamins and minerals.

As seen in the screenshot below, the report explains how the body metabolizes many important nutrients.

Genex Diagnostics report

Since the company does not provide sample reports, the extent of the information provided in the reports is unclear. You can download the results as soon as they are available online.

Cost of Genex Diagnostics

Genex Diagnostics’ Relationship tests start at $99. If customers wish to use the results for legal purposes, the cost increases. The company offers professional collection and witnessing services for $50 per person tested.

The Health & Disease tests cost between $149 to $349. The Diet & Fitness test prices vary from $149 to $489. The DNA Maternal and Paternal Ancestry tests cost $119 each. The Behavior & Traits tests are priced at $149.

They may charge extra fees for additional report copies. A 10-minute phone consultation costs $10. The expert Ph.D. consultation costs $400 per hour (minimum of one hour).

Health Recommendations from Genex Diagnostics

As Genex Diagnostics does not provide sample reports on their website, it is unclear the extent of the health recommendations they provide. The only claim they make is that a physician is able to use your results to plan personalized treatment options. If you’re interested in understanding what you can do to address your genetic risks, you might need to look elsewhere.

Review of Genex Diagnostics Privacy & Data Security

Genex Diagnostics maintains that personal information will only be used to carry out their services. They state that they employ electronic and physical procedures to safeguard the data and prevent it from being wrongly accessed.

The company claims not to disclose personal information to third parties, except if it is required by law. They say users can withdraw their consent to the processing of their personal information at any time.

SelfDecode vs Genex Diagnostics

  1. SelfDecode delivers natural supplements, diet, and lifestyle suggestions based on your genes that you can implement right away. It is unclear if Genex Diagnostics offers any health recommendations.
  2. SelfDecode tells you why they make each recommendation so that you can understand the science behind the suggestion. Genex Diagnostics explains which genes are tested for each health condition or trait.
  3. SelfDecode prioritizes recommendations based on their analysis of all the relevant genes instead of one gene at a time (through reports). It is unclear how Genex Diagnostics presents their reports.
  4. SelfDecode takes a holistic approach to give recommendations that are best for your genes AND the health topic. Genex Diagnostics requires separate DNA tests for each health condition or trait.
  5. SelfDecode has the world’s first and only personalized genetics blog that allows you to get new gene-based recommendations daily. Genex Diagnostics does not have a health blog.
  6. SelfDecode is the most comprehensive and looks at more genes & SNPs (up to 83 million) to deliver the best analysis of genetic risks. Genex Diagnostics examines a few genes to generate each report.
  7. SelfDecode supports everything with peer-reviewed scientific studies in their research and checks for contradicting information. It is unclear if Genex Diagnostics provides scientific references in their reports.
  8. SelfDecode never sells your data or gives it away. Genex Diagnostics claims not share personal information with third parties.


SelfDecode Genex Diagnostics EasyDNA Living DNA
Personalized & holistic health recommendations Yes It is unclear if they provide health recommendations No No
Personalized blog posts Yes No No No
Products DNA testing, wellness reports, health recommendations, patient and provider options DNA testing, biological relationship tests, health, wellness, traits, and ancestry reports DNA testing, relationship, ancestry, wellness, and health reports Ancestry tracing, DNA matching, basic health reports
Raw data access Yes No No Yes
Cost (USD) $97 – $389 $99 – $489 $60 – $1,495 $59 – $119

Genex Diagnostics Reviews

Despite the many years in business, there are not many online Genex Diagnostics reviews available. 7 DNAtestingchoice users rate the paternity test an average of 4 of 5 stars. All reviews revolve around the paternity test and they say the company provides quick and accurate results.

BestDNATestingKits rates the company 4 of 5 stars. They like the wide variety of DNA tests and the simple sample collection but say the test prices are very expensive.

Alternatives to Genex Diagnostics

SelfDecode: The best health-focused DNA test that delivers personalized diet, lifestyle, and supplement recommendations. SelfDecode offers over 30 different Wellness Reports, backed by peer-reviewed scientific data.

Genex Diagnostics Review Summary

Genex Diagnostics offers health, wellness, and biological relationship tests. Despite the variety of tests offered, how convenient they are is debatable. Each test requires a separate sample collection. If users wish to get tested for multiple health conditions, they are required to purchase and take several tests.

From their website, you might be left confused about what exactly your report will include. The information provided is vague, and the prices are high. As it is, one health-focused DNA report from Genex Diagnostics can cost up to $349.

If you’re interested in a gene-based approach to your health, an alternative such as SelfDecode is a better option. SelfDecode uses AI and machine learning to analyze up to 83 million genetic variants and gives personalized recommendations based on your DNA. If you want a more holistic approach to health and wellness, SelfDecode is a great place to start, with reports on over 40 health topics.

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