Top 6 Best DNA Tests For Weight Loss

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Losing weight can feel like an uphill battle for a lot of people. With so much information out there, it’s difficult to pick one strategy that can work for you. But, what if you could tailor your weight loss plan to your genetic makeup? How can you choose the best DNA test for weight loss?

Many companies now offer genetic testing for weight loss, but are they legit? We reviewed over 100 companies and selected 6 that can help you find better ways to manage your weight based on your genetic makeup.

How are DNA and weight loss connected?

Your DNA can tell a lot about you. Your hair and eye color, your predisposition to certain health conditions, and many other characteristics that are specific to you can be affected by your genetic makeup. So, it’s no surprise that your genes can also play a role in your weight.

Not only can your genes influence your weight, but genetic differences may account for up to 70% of your susceptibility to being overweight.

The FTO gene was the first gene associated with obesity and is still the one with the largest known impact on body weight. A major way this gene may affect your weight is by influencing your appetite. FTO is just one of the many genes that you should look out for if you want to try a DNA-based approach to weight loss.

Let’s be clear though: it’s not only genetics that can influence your weight. The number of calories you spend throughout the day also depends on your activity level and your body’s energy expenditure at rest, which can also vary according to your body composition, for example. Preexisting health conditions, mental health, and medications can also play a role in your weight, among other factors.

Your genes can impact your body weight in many ways, directly or indirectly. They can influence your appetite and satiety, how well your body burns fat, and even how you deal with stress. Plus, your DNA can tell you which type of exercise is best for you.

How can a DNA weight loss test help you?

Yes, genetics can play a role in your weight. But, if you find out you’re genetically predisposed to being overweight, does this mean it’s the end of your weight loss journey?

The answer is no. Quite the opposite, in fact.

Not only does your genes influence your predispositions to having weight issues, but your DNA can hold the key to understanding why some diets and exercise routines work (or don’t) for you. For example, if you carry a specific FTO gene variant, a Mediterranean diet may be more beneficial to you.

By knowing how your DNA can influence your body weight, you can implement simple lifestyle changes that target your genes to counteract their negative effects. To help you achieve your goals with a gene-based approach, you’ll need to look for genetic testing for weight loss that fits your needs.

What to look for in the best DNA test for weight loss

When it comes to your health, it’s important to take your time and research companies before choosing any DNA testing for weight loss. If you want to have a holistic approach to weight loss, DNA tests that take into consideration all the relevant information should be something to look out for.

For example, stress can be a major risk factor for weight gain. Understanding how your genes also affect how you handle stress could give you an advantage when it comes to achieving a healthy body weight.

Let’s look at the RGS6 gene, which can affect nerve, heart and immune function. A variant of this gene can worsen the effects of stress on weight gain. If you have this variant, adding relaxing techniques like yoga or meditation to your routine may help you counteract this effect.

Unfortunately, not all companies will give you personalized health recommendations based on your genes. Some companies will provide generic and vague advice, while others will give you no guidance on what you should do to address your issues.

If you want to go a step beyond merely knowing what your genetic predispositions are, be sure to choose a DNA test that will give you advice on what you can do to manage your weight based on your genes.

When it comes to your health, you shouldn’t just believe in everything you hear. Pay attention to the scientific validity of the information that’s being presented to you. When choosing genetic testing for weight loss, look for companies that back their claims with peer-reviewed scientific studies and have the most updated information.

Many companies don’t have a lot of scientists on their team and use outdated methods to analyze your genes. This could mean you won’t get the most accurate information. If you want the most precise advice, this is not something you should want to compromise on.

Best DNA Tests for Weight

In this section, we’ll list the top 6 best DNA tests that can help with weight loss so you can learn more about what each company has to offer before you choose one that fits your needs.


  • Price: $97 per year for a subscription, or a one-time payment of $297 for the Lifetime plan. The DNA test costs $99.
  • Analyzes over 455,000 genetic variants related to weight.

The SelfDecode Weight DNA Wellness Report analyzes over 455,000 variants related to weight to assess your overall risk of having an unhealthy body weight. SelfDecode also gives you a list of prioritized recommendations to help you counteract the negative effects of your weight-related genes.

Best DNA Test For Weight Loss

SelfDecode uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to accurately predict and analyze up to 83 million genetic variants from a typical DNA file. The Weight Report is just one of over 40 Wellness Reports available to you with a SelfDecode membership. You can also see how your DNA affects other aspects of your health such as heart health, gut health, and many others.

The SelfDecode annual membership is priced at $97, billed every year (cancel anytime), or you can choose to become a lifetime member for $297. Either way, you’ll receive full access to all current and future reports (more are coming out constantly). Plus, you’ll have access to other SelfDecode features such as SelfDecode Labs. You can upload your lab test results to get insights on over 1,000 lab markers and recommendations to get your levels to their optimal range.

You can choose to upload your raw DNA data from other providers, or you can get a SelfDecode DNA kit to get the most out of your genes. You’ll fully own your data and can download your raw DNA file at any time. SelfDecode will never sell or share your data with anyone.

To learn more about the company and see if it’s the best DNA test for weight loss, you can read our comprehensive SelfDecode review.


  • Price: $89 for a raw DNA data upload, or $189 for a DNA test + report.
  • Analyzes 100+ genetic markers.

GenoPalate offers you a DNA test to determine which foods are best for you based on your genes. You’ll receive a list with over 85 food items divided into 16 different categories. If you want more insights into your nutrition, you can pay an additional fee to receive personalized recipes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

While the list of foods be a good option for some people, GenoPalate does not offer reports about other health topics for a more holistic approach to your health. Many customer reviews also point out the fact that recommendations are generic and the company is not open about the research they based their reports on.

To see if this diet-focused approach offered is the best DNA test for weight loss strategy for you, check out our comprehensive GenoPalate review.


  • Price: $189 to $629 for DNA tests + reports or $49 to $89 for a raw data upload.
  • Analyzes 45 genetic variants related to health and fitness.

With DNAfit, you’ll have the option of choosing between a report that focuses on diet and nutrition, or a more complete option that also includes information on fitness and overall well-being. The report includes diet and nutrient insights, but they only analyze a limited number of genetic variants.

If you get your DNA tested with DNAfit, you won’t have access to your raw DNA data. If you want to learn more before you decide if this is the best DNA test for weight loss, you can read our DNAfit review.


  • Price: $249 for the DNA kit, $49 to $589+ for blood tests + DNA insights.
  • Analyzes up to 261 genetic markers.

InsideTracker’s DNA test offers you information on your weight, athletic performance, sleep, aging, and food sensitivities. You also have the option of including a blood analysis with your DNA report for an additional fee. Unfortunately, most of the recommendations provided in the reports are based solely on lab results and does not account for your unique genetic makeup.

One thing to note is that InsideTracker’s prices are not the most affordable. Their most complete blood panel covers 43 markers and costs $589, and it can become more expensive if you add a DNA test. Learn more by reading our comprehensive InsideTracker review to see if it’s the best DNA test for weight loss.

Gene Food

  • Price: $185 with a DNA test or $95 for a raw DNA upload.
  • Analyzes 66 SNPs related to diet and nutrition.

Gene Food will test your DNA to determine which is the ideal diet type based on your genes, among a list of 20 diet types such as keto and vegetarian. You’ll get information about your ideal ratio of fat, carbs, and protein, your micronutrient needs, and other factors related to your nutrition.

Like GenoPalate, Gene Food does not offer any other health information beyond this limited scope.

To read more about this diet-focused company to see if it’s the best DNA test for weight loss, you can read our Gene Food review.


  • Price: $175 for a DNA test + report or $50 to upload your raw DNA data. The workout program plans for 4 to 12 weeks can range from $190 to $255.
  • Analyzes 40 genes related to fitness, health, and nutrition.

FitnessGenes will give you an analysis focused on diet and exercise. The reports include genetically tailored workout plans and a nutrition guide. For more insights from this company, you’ll need to pay a separate fee, and it can become expensive quickly.

One online reviewer points out that the results were comprehensive but not laid out very clearly. They wish the reports had a list of priorities to help they know what to focus on.

Check out our FitnessGenes review before you decide if it’s the best DNA test for weight loss.

Takeaway: What is the best DNA test for weight loss?

Your DNA can help you better understand how your body works. By knowing how well your body burns fat, for example, you can tailor your diet and exercise plans to help you achieve your goal weight.

Not only do your genes play a role in your predispositions to weight issues, but they can also affect how well you respond to certain weight management strategies.

After reviewing the top 6 best DNA tests for weight loss, you can make an informed decision about what’s the best choice for you. If you want a more holistic approach to weight loss that can also give you insights into other aspects of your health, SelfDecode is a good choice.

SelfDecode uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to analyze up to 83 million genetic variants (455,000 related to weight) to give you the most accurate results to help you achieve your health goals. SelfDecode’s reports provide you with personalized and prioritized recommendations so you can know what you should focus on based on what works best for your body.


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