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  1. Products: Centralized medical database for healthcare professionals and enthusiasts.
  2. Cost: For personal users, it starts at $9/month to $199 for lifetime access. For professionals, it ranges from $49/month to $149/month, a custom “white label” package is also offered.
  3. Reports: The company allows users to send progress reports and track their health metrics.
  4. Raw data access: The company does not offer DNA testing, so customers cannot gain access to their raw genetic data.
  5. Privacy: Heads Up Health uses PI (Personal Information) and PHR (Personal Health Record) data to curate user’s needs. They may share or sell de-identified data.
  6. Alternatives: SelfDecode – The best option for health-focused DNA analysis with personalized reports, symptom analysis, and health recommendations. Includes LabTestAnalyzer for insights on over 500 lab markers and how to optimize them.


  • Provides a central database for medical information and relevant data.
  • Offers mobile apps for Android and iOS devices.
  • Integrates with popular health apps and wearables.


  • Some users experience app crashes and difficulty syncing to their devices.
  • Does not consider your genetic profile in order to make more personalized health recommendations.
  • Does not offer DNA or any other health testing.

About Heads Up Health

Heads Up Health was founded in 2014 by David Korsunsky and is based in Scottsdale, Arizona. David has over 15 years of experience working with several technology firms and has even served as the Director of Technical Alliances at VMware. Heads Up Health was founded with the goal to collect and organize clinical data for health enthusiasts, and derive actions for better health.

Currently, Heads Up Health’s team consists of David Korsunsky as the CEO, Steve Dashiell as the COO, Stephan Henrie as the Chief Technology Officer, and David Olson as the CFO. Dr. John Limansky plays the role of Chief Medical Officer. Dr. Limansky is a board-certified physician of internal medicine.

Review of Heads Up Health Products & Features

Heads Up Health is primarily focused on collecting and sorting health-related data from its users. The idea behind this is to create a centralized database for medical professionals and health enthusiasts in general.

The Personal plan allows you to connect all of your health apps with the platform. Names like Keto-Mojo, Oura, MyFitnessPal, FitBit, Apple Health, Elite HRV, Cronometer, etc. are at the top of the recommendation list.

You can input your lab results to the site and also build your own dashboard and arrange the data to gain insights. The platform allows you to track your performance data along with automated suggestions on how you can improve them.

If you’re a medical professional, Heads Up Health has some additional features. You can upload the complete medical history of your patients. Heads Up Health integrates with industry-leading health apps and wearables.

Once you select your requirements, you have five different solutions to choose from. The data is focused on these five areas:

  • Functional Medicine
  • Ketogenic Therapy
  • Type 2 Diabetes
  • High Performance
  • Vital Signs Monitoring

Review of Heads Up Health Reports

If you’re a healthcare professional, Heads Up Health allows you to send branded reports to your clients with all of their vital health information. You can look up a keyword on your dashboard and all the relevant data will show up. You can then process the data in any way you want before crafting the reports and sending them off.

Individuals can connect devices and apps, track specialized health metrics, and share this information with a health coach. This can be done on your own after you sign up, no need to be invited by a medical professional.

Heads Up Health Report

The categories you can select for your reports include:

  • Activity
  • Blood
  • Body Composition
  • Cardiovascular
  • Lifestyle
  • Metabolism
  • Nutrition
  • Rest and Recovery
  • Custom entries

After you create an account, you start adding your health stats to the platform. You can manually input numbers like weight, body fat, and blood pressure, or you can sync a health device to upload the data.

On the left side, you can navigate through the different categories. To add lab results, users can go to the pertinent tab and add biomarkers manually. The screenshot below shows an example of lab results uploaded to Heads Up health.

Heads Up Health Review Labs

In this section, you can add and view your lab results. It can be difficult finding the marker from the list offered by the company, as they are divided into categories that are not very intuitive. For example, to find the option to add your cholesterol results, you’ll need to scroll down to the category “General Health And Fitness” to find this marker.

Heads Up Health Add labs

By clicking on the marker, Heads Up Health shows a chart containing a historical view of results and a brief explanation on the marker, as seen below. However, they do not offer health suggestions. The advice given is limited to further reading suggestions from reputable institutions such as the Mayo Clinic.

Heads Up Health Recommendations

Cost of Heads Up Health

Heads Up Health is generally affordable. The Individual program has three options that you can choose from:

  • The monthly package costs $9.00
  • The yearly package costs $79
  • The lifetime package costs $199

All of the packages allow you to track unlimited biomarkers, connect as many health apps as you want, centralize your medical records, analyze the health trends and find patterns, and finally, share the information with your care team. However, they do not include the price for the health tests you need to upload to Heads Up Health, as the company does not offer any kind of testing.

The professional packages are divided into four groups:

  • Level 1 is $49/month, allows up to 10 clients at once
  • Level 2 is $99/month, allows up to 25 clients at once
  • Level 4 is $149/month, allows up to 50 clients at once
  • White Label is a customizable package according to your needs. You can include as many clients as you want

Basic features like the bulk client and biomarker data import and the default dashboard are available on all packages. Features available will vary depending on the plan you choose.

Health Recommendations from Heads Up Health

As the platform has access to numerous health data from its users, it can process them to figure out health patterns. The more the data there is, the easier it is to diagnose a problem with someone’s health, so the insights heavily depend on what information you upload to the platform.

However, they do not provide health recommendations based on lab analysis. When you upload a result to the platform, you’ll only receive information on the marker and further reading recommendations.

The information is written in non-medical terms so that both individuals and professionals can understand the recommendations. The company accepts lab results and wearables data, but they do not offer an analysis based on genetics.

Review of Heads Up Health Privacy & Data Security

In the Privacy section, two data types are covered. Personal Information (PI) and Personal Health Records (PHR).

The company uses this data to analyze medical trends and advise on how to improve overall health. It also acquires your PHR data from your health providers.

Heads Up Health analyzes de-identified PI or PHR Data from their users as a group. De-identified data is not PI or PHR Data and will not identify you personally. It will be used as statistical information to determine such things as user demographics and usage patterns for our Site. They may share or sell this de-identified data to others.



Heads Up Health Q Bio

Evergreen Life

Personalized & holistic health recommendations


Yes Professional Consultations Available



DNA testing, wellness reports, research-based personalized blog posts, health recommendations, patient and provider options, Lab Test Analyzer

Database for health records, insights based on inputted medical records Full body MRI, biochemical screening, biometric scanning, genetic screening, 30-minute professional consultation

DNA testing, wellness reports, traits, health record app

Raw data access


N/A Yes


Cost (USD)

$97 – $389

$9/mo to $199+ $3450 per check-up


Heads Up Health Reviews

Appgrooves – 3.0 of 5 Stars

More than 72 people have reviews Heads Up Health on Appgrooves. Most of the positive reviews indicate that the services from Heads Up Health have helped them turn their lives around. Some negative reviews state that the platform needs more optimization and testing to effectively implements all the innovative ideas it presents.

Alternatives to Heads Up Health

Heads Up Health offers you a platform where you can centralize and organize your complete medical history and see how your lifestyle modifications are affecting your various health markers. You can connect health apps and other devices to gain insights into how to improve your overall well-being.

Overall, this integration of your medical data can be very useful to help you get a complete picture of your health, but this company doesn’t offer you options when it comes to taking health tests – you can only input your existing results.

To optimize your health to the fullest, it might be worth considering an alternative or complementary service to Heads Up Health such as SelfDecode. SelfDecode analyzes your DNA and gives detailed reports with personalized recommendations aimed at improving your quality of life. With SelfDecode, you’ll also get access to SelfDecode Labs for insights into over 500 lab markers.

SelfDecode uses AI and machine learning to predict and analyze up to 83 million genetic variants from a typical DNA file. This way, you’ll receive the most accurate results to help guide your decisions based on what your body truly needs.

Heads Up Health Review Summary

Heads Up Health is one of the decent health platforms out there. It allows both regular health individuals as well as medical professionals to effectively store, organize, and analyze medical data to effectively find out new data trends. The packages for individual use and professional use allow the users to effectively get what they need.

While Heads Up Health can help you keep track of your medical record, they don’t offer DNA or lab tests for you to take. An alternative such as SelfDecode offers DNA and lab testing and delivers diet, lifestyle, and supplement recommendations aimed at improving overall well-being for less than $100 annually.

If you’re a  healthcare provider and want to help your patients optimize their health, SelfDecode offers a professional plan that includes unlimited DNA file and lab test uploads and analysis so you can work with as many clients as possible.


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