How Much Does SelfDecode Cost?

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SelfDecode offers DNA testing and analysis to help people optimize their health. Read on to find out what features are available, how it works, and how much does SelfDecode cost.

About SelfDecode

SelfDecode was founded in 2016 by current CEO Joe Cohen, owner and founder of the wellness blog SelfHacked. The team at SelfDecode has been growing steadily ever since and includes doctors, pharmacists, and biologists who are committed to helping people take control of their health.

Learn more about the company in this comprehensive SelfDecode review.

SelfDecode products

SelfDecode offers a DNA testing kit for health and ancestry and uses polygenic analysis to look at all the relevant SNPs for a particular health topic and provides diet, lifestyle, and supplement recommendations based on DNA. They offer over 500 DNA health & trait reports that cover a wide range of health topics.

If you already have access to your raw genetic data, you can upload your DNA file to SelfDecode to get started for free before committing to a plan.

For the DNA analysis, SelfDecode uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to analyze up to 83 million genetic variants from a typical DNA file.

How much does SelfDecode cost?

If you had your DNA tested before, you can upload your DNA file to SelfDecode for free to get started before committing to a plan. You’ll receive your genetic predisposition scores and personalized health recommendations based on your genes.


Users who want full access to the platform can build their own health plan with SelfDecode.

Step 1: Subscribe to SelfDecode ($99/year)

Subscribe to the Health Insights Membership from SelfDecode to gain access to:

  • Over 1,000 DNA health & trait reports
  • Lab analyzer, tracker, and recommendations
  • Lifestyle risk analyzer
  • Personalized health recommendations
  • Personalized meal plan builder
  • Health scores
  • Precision health regimen builder
  • Gene & SNP explorer
  • And more!

Step 2: Analyze your DNA

  • Upload your DNA file for $199 (one-time payment)
  • Order a SelfDecode DNA kit for $298 (one-time payment)

Step 3: Choose your add-ons

  • 1:1 Consult & Medical Health Reports ($199): Includes a 30-minute 1:1 consultation with a qualified SelfDecode DNA health coach to review your disease predisposition reports.
  • Ancestry DNA reports ($79): Learn more about your ancestors and heritage with a complete ancestry composition breakdown and mitochondrial ancestry reports.

Payments are processed by reputable and secure payment processing companies such as Stripe and Paypal.

Please visit selfdecode.com for the most up-to-date information.

How much does SelfDecode cost for professionals?

SelfDecode Pro Connect is free for practitioners. Health professionals can sign up for a free account, refer clients to sign up for an individual SelfDecode plan, and connect with them to view their results.

Are you a health practitioner? Book a demo call today with our practitioner partnerships expert to learn more.

SelfDecode reviews

SelfDecode reviews are very positive. Customers are extremely satisfied with the extensive information available on the DNA wellness reports.

Trustpilot – 683 Customer Average Rating of 4.7 of 5 stars

Many reviewers praise SelfDecode for their customer service, which they say is very helpful. Customers are satisfied with the quality and quantity of information available in their DNA reports and comment on how they are easy to understand.


The table below shows a comparison between SelfDecode cost and features and other DNA testing companies:

  SelfDecode 23andMe Promethease Genopalate
Personalized & holistic health recommendations Yes Yes No No
Products DNA testing and analysis, health reports, personalized recommendations, patient and provider options, lab test analyzer, ancestry DNA testing, wellness reports, ancestry reports DNA analysis, health reports DNA testing, diet reports
Offers DNA tests Yes Yes No Yes
DNA upload Yes No Yes Yes, from 23andMe and Ancestry only
Raw data access Yes Yes N/A No
Cost (USD) Free DNA upload

Plans start at $298

$119 – $298 $12 $69 – $189

Takeaway: Is SelfDecode worth it?

DNA testing is becoming more and more popular. How do SelfDecode prices compare to other genetic companies?

You can upload your DNA to SelfDecode for free to receive personalized health insights and recommendations. Full access to the platform start at $298.

SelfDecode accurately analyzes up to 83 million genetic variants to deliver truly personalized health recommendations to help users take control of their health and provides detailed ancestry insights.


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