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Have you ever taken a genetic test from companies such as 23andMe and Ancestry? After reviewing over 100 DNA companies, we’ll share 10 websites that allow you to upload a raw DNA data file to get more information from your genes. Read on to find out more!

What is raw DNA data?

Before you learn where to upload your raw DNA data, you should understand what it is exactly. After you purchase a DNA test from a company and send in your sample, their lab will analyze it.

The human genome contains roughly 25,000 genes. As impressive as that sounds, only a fraction of this number has been studied by scientists and can provide meaningful information. Because of this, most DNA testing companies choose to analyze a portion of these SNPs, as currently, the price for a whole genome sequencing is much higher than a standard SNP chip test.

A raw DNA data file is a computer file containing your SNPs and can offer valuable information. Because they have different focuses, not all companies will interpret the same SNPs. That’s why uploading your raw DNA data file to a different platform can still be very beneficial to you.

Raw DNA data

Sample of a raw DNA data file

While having access to your genetic information is important, the file itself is not easy to understand if you don’t have the required knowledge in genetics. Once you have your file, however, you can upload this raw DNA data to other websites to discover more about yourself.

Tip: If you had a DNA test from a company that focuses on ancestry, you can still upload your raw genetic file to get health information based on your genes!

How can you find your raw DNA data?

Finding your raw DNA data shouldn’t be difficult. Check the company’s frequently asked questions or reach out to them via email to find out more about how to get access to this information.

If you had your DNA tested with 23andMe, you can read this complete tutorial on how to login to 23andMe to access your genetic information. Else, if you chose Ancestry as your DNA provider, this guide on how to login to Ancestry might be of interest to you.

What you should know before uploading your raw DNA data

Before you choose to upload your raw DNA data to a third-party website, you may want to do some research into the company.

Privacy is a main concern among the general public. Make sure to check the company’s privacy policy and data security. Moreover, if owning your genetic data is important to you, find out if your data will be shared with any other third parties.

For those who enjoy the science behind DNA testing, take into consideration the scientific validity of the information provided by the company. One thing you can do is to see if all their claims are backed by peer-reviewed scientific publications and if the company employs qualified professionals such as scientists, MDs, and PhDs.

It’s also worth checking the number of genetic variants analyzed, as most companies only look at a few SNPs to generate the reports, possibly leaving out many that can impact your health. Many also won’t give you personalized recommendations based on your results and will merely provide you with genetic risk.

Websites where you can upload your raw DNA data

After you get access to your genetic information, there are a variety of websites that offer raw DNA data interpretation services, both for ancestry and health. In this section, you’ll find a list of paid and free DNA upload sites that can help you explore your genetics.

Here is a summary of companies that allow you to upload raw DNA data:

Health & Wellness

  • SelfDecode
  • Promethease
  • GenoPalate
  • DNAfit

Ancestry & Genealogy

  • GEDmatch
  • MyHeritage
  • FamilyTreeDNA
  • MyTrueAncestry


  • Sano Genetics
  • LunaDNA

Health & Wellness


  • Price: $97/year for a subscription, or a one-time fee of $297 for lifetime access. SelfDecode’s Pro membership starts at $199/month.
  • Supports files from: 23andMe, Ancestry, Courtagen, FamilyTreeDNA, MyHeritage, Atlas, MapMyGenome, Diagnomics, DNALand, Illumina, LivingDNA, and iGene (among others). Also accepts whole genome sequencing files from Dante Labs.
  • Offers DNA testing: Yes ($90).

SelfDecode offers a comprehensive DNA test that doesn’t focus on just one health topic. Rather, they have a wide selection of personalized DNA reports that cover all areas related to one’s overall well-being. With these reports, you’ll get prioritized diet, lifestyle, and supplement recommendations that you can implement right away.

A subscription includes unlimited DNA Wellness Reports. The best news is that new reports and blog posts are being released constantly!

You can see a snippet from SelfDecode’s DNA wellness report below. Unlike other DNA companies that only look at one or two SNPs, SelfDecode uses AI and machine learning to analyze up to 83 million genetic variants from your typical DNA file. SelfDecode also goes a step beyond by offering personalized health recommendations which are prioritized based on your unique DNA.

Personalized Health Recommendations From SelfDecode

For those who choose to get a SelfDecode DNA test, their raw genetic file will be made available to them at no additional cost. With SelfDecode, you own your data.

As a company that takes a holistic approach to health, SelfDecode also offers other tools to help you get a complete picture of your health, such as Labs 2.0. You can upload your past results to receive tailored insights into how to optimize your labs. If you wish to get lab tests done, you can purchase them directly from SelfDecode. Members get special discounted pricing on every lab test available!

If you’re interested in uploading your raw DNA data file to get your personalized recommendations, you can read more about the company in this comprehensive SelfDecode review.


  • Price: $12 per report.
  • Supports files from: 23andMe, Ancestry, FamilyTreeDNA, DNALand, and more.
  • Offers DNA testing: No.

Promethease offers a raw DNA data interpretation service with reports on disease risks. The information included in the reports is taken from SNPedia, a website that collects published research on the relationship between SNPs and health conditions.

The data provided is not very user-friendly, as it contains a multitude of medical terms that may not be easily understood by those outside the field. If you want to learn more about the website before you decide to upload your raw DNA data, you can read our comprehensive Promethease review.


  • Price: $89 for a raw DNA data upload.
  • Supports files from: 23andMe and Ancestry.
  • Offers DNA testing: Yes ($189 for DNA test + report).

GenoPalate delivers a report with personalized diet recommendations based on an analysis of over 100 genetic markers. You’ll receive a list with over 85 food items divided into 16 different categories such as meats and fruits.

For an additional fee, users can also get personalized recipes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Unfortunately, if one were to take a DNA test with GenoPalate, they would not have access to their raw DNA data.

If you’re interested in uploading your raw DNA data, you can read this GenoPalate review for more information about the company.


  • Price: $54 to $95 for a raw DNA data upload.
  • Supports files from: 23andMe and Ancestry.
  • Offers DNA testing: Yes ($200 – $700).

DNAfit offers tests for diet and fitness, in addition to their Whole Genome Sequencing test in collaboration with CircleDNA. However, keep in mind that they only analyze a limited number of SNPs per report.

Similar to GenoPalate, if a user has their DNA sequenced with DNAfit, they will not have access to their genetic information. Consequently, they will not be able to upload their raw DNA data files to other platforms.

For more information, read our comprehensive DNAfit review article.

Ancestry & Genealogy


  • Price: Free – $10 per month.
  • Supports files from: 23andMe format.
  • Offers DNA testing: No.

GEDmatch is a raw DNA data interpretation service that helps people explore their genetic genealogy by allowing them to upload raw DNA data files from other DNA testing companies.

If one is not familiar with exploring their genetic information, GEDmatch tools can seem daunting and complicated. For a more detailed explanation of how to upload a raw DNA data file to this platform, read this full GEDmatch review.


  • Price: Free – $169 per year.
  • Supports files from: FamilyTreeDNA, LivingDNA, 23andMe, and Ancestry.
  • Offers DNA Testing: Yes ($79).

MyHeritage’s main offering is their family tree building service. Users who choose to upload a raw DNA data file can do so for free and get access to the basic subscription.

As one of the most well-known DNA testing services for ancestry, the company boasts over 50 million users worldwide. For more information, check out our comprehensive MyHeritage review.


  • Price: Free for a DNA data upload.
  • Supports files from: Ancestry, 23andMe, MyHeritage, and Nat Geo’s Geno 2.0.
  • Offers DNA testing: Yes ($79 – $449)

FamilyTreeDNA (FTDNA) is an ancestry-focused DNA testing company that aims to help people learn more about their past. Users who choose to upload their raw DNA data file to FTDNA get access to the family matching tool and can find others with common ancestry for free.

For those concerned with privacy, it should be noted that FTDNA began working with the FBI to help solve violent crimes in 2018. To learn more about this company, you can read our comprehensive FamilyTreeDNA review.


  • Price: Free – $596.
  • Supports files from: 23andMe, Ancestry, and others.
  • Offers DNA testing: No.

MyTrueAncestry is a raw DNA data interpretation service focused on ancestry. Users can use this platform to compare their ancestral genetics with several archeological samples.

While the basic package is available for free, access to MyTrueAncestry can cost up to $596. If you’re interested in uploading your raw DNA data file to this website and want to learn more, read this complete MyTrueAncestry review article.


Sano Genetics

  • Price: Free.
  • Supports files from: 23andMe, Ancestry, MyHeritage, FamilyTreeDNA, Codigo46, Genes for Good, and LivingDNA.
  • Offers DNA testing: Yes ($150 – $1,200).

Sano Genetics offers a way to connect users with researchers who are conducting studies or clinical trials. In addition to providing a way for people to contribute to scientific discoveries, Sano Genetics offers a variety of free reports presented as short blog posts.

If you want to be a part of scientific research, you can read this comprehensive Sano Genetics review.


  • Price: Free.
  • Supports files from: 23andMe, MyHeritage, and FamilyTreeDNA.
  • Offers DNA testing: No.

LunaDNA offers a place for people to share their personal health information with researchers. Users are compensated in the form of shares and dividends from the company for the data provided. In addition to raw DNA data, the company also accepts other health information such as nutrition and fitness.

For those concerned about privacy, LunaDNA makes all data shared anonymous and encrypted. If you’re interested in uploading your raw DNA data file to this platform, you can read our full LunaDNA review.

Takeaway: Where should you upload your raw DNA data?

After reading this article, we hope that you can make an informed decision about where to upload your raw DNA data. Regardless of if your goal is to know more about your health or ancestry (or both!), you have many options to choose from.

As DNA data can be considered sensitive and personal information, be sure to access your raw genetic file from a secure connection and store it appropriately. It can be a great tool to help you discover more about yourself, but you should use it carefully.

At SelfDecode, your data will never be shared or sold to anyone. With SelfDecode, you get personalized health recommendations through detailed and easy-to-read reports without compromising your privacy.

Did you enjoy this post? Let us know in the comments! Feel free to share your experience with these and other DNA companies with us!

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