PureGenomics Review: How Are DNA and Nutrition Connected?

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  1. Products: DNA analysis for nutrition and supplements.
  2. Cost: The DNA analysis is free of charge, but supplements can cost up to $130.
  3. Reports: Patient and provider nutrigenomics reports.
  4. Raw data access: PureGenomics requires users to upload their preexisting genetic files to generate the reports.
  5. Privacy: PureGenomics claims not to share, rent, or sell genetic information.
  6. Alternatives: SelfDecode is a direct-to-consumer DNA test that delivers personalized health recommendations.


  • Patient and provider reports.
  • PureGenomics is free to use.
  • The company provides updates to the reports to reflect new scientific data.


  • PureGenomics does not offer a DNA test.
  • Only accepts raw data from 23andMe and Ancestry.
  • Users need to go through a medical professional to acquire the report.
  • No scientific references are embedded in the reports.
  • Limited to nutrigenomics analysis.
  • Only available in the US and Canada.

About PureGenomics

PureGenomics is a DNA analysis service provided by Pure Encapsulations, which was founded in 1991 in Massachusetts, USA. The platform was developed to help healthcare providers create personalized treatment plans for their patients.

The company offers tools and resources to help medical professionals translate genetic information into health solutions. They include webinars, educational videos, and relevant articles.

Their services are available in the United States and Canada.

Review of PureGenomics Products & Features

PureGenomics is a DNA analysis platform that offers a personalized nutrigenomics report that includes dietary, lifestyle, and supplement recommendations. To get started, users need to consult with a healthcare professional.

The practitioner must send an invitation email for their patient to register for an account. After the user has registered, they can upload their raw data file to the platform.

PureGenomics generates a healthcare provider report and a patient report, which are available immediately after the genetic file upload.

The company currently accepts genetic data from 23andMe and Ancestry. They state that the reports are updated to reflect the advances in the field of nutrigenomics.

In addition to the DNA analysis service, the company has a supplement line, Pure Encapsulations. They have over 400 supplement options that cover the health topics analyzed in the DNA report, which will be reviewed below.

Review of PureGenomics Reports

PureGenomics offers reports for patients and practitioners. They deliver personalized nutritional and lifestyle recommendations that can be complemented by Pure Encapsulations, PureGenomics’ supplement line.

The company provides an interactive report, seen below, and a printable version, which will be reviewed in this section.

The reports cover the following areas:

  • Vitamins, Minerals, and Omega-3
  • Detoxification
  • Glucose Metabolism
  • Weight Management
  • Cognitive Health and Memory
  • Immune Health
  • Energy and Fitness
  • Cardiovascular Health
  • Gastrointestinal Health

The report prepared for the healthcare provider contains a section on how to read the report, a summary of the results, the traits analyzed by category, and the genetic analysis. PureGenomics also includes diagrams that show different chemical pathways, seen below.

The Traits and Trait Categories section presents the categories and the traits analyzed in the report. The company highlights the traits that are a higher priority for each patient, as shown in the sample report below.

PureGenomics report

The results are divided into 3 categories, as follows:

  • Consider Action: These traits present a high priority to the patients.
  • Enhanced Benefit: Patients may experience health benefits if they implement the recommendations.
  • No Action: The trait is not associated with any increased need.

As shown below, the practitioner’s Genetic Analysis section is presented in a table format. It includes the trait analyzed, the specific results, and what they mean for the person’s health. The company also includes diet, lifestyle, and supplement recommendations.

PureGenomics practitioner's report

PureGenomics states that the healthcare provider report includes Pure Encapsulations supplement recommendations and dosage, but the professional can decide which recommendations are visible in the patient’s report.

The company provides a scientific rating that is determined by the number of subjects in the study and if it has been replicated. However, they do not provide links to any scientific references in the report.

Similar to the practitioner’s report, the patient’s report presents a section on how to read the report, a summary of the results, and the genetic analysis.

The Genetic Analysis section of the sample report below provides the specific results for each trait. They include a brief explanation of the trait, the priority level, and the SNPs analyzed.

Pure Genomics genetic results

As seen from the sample report, the company only looks at one or two variants to generate the recommendations, potentially leaving out many genetic variants that can influence your overall well-being.

Additionally, PureGenomics displays the impact the results have on the person’s health. They deliver diet, lifestyle, and supplement recommendations, which are similar to the ones presented in the practitioner’s report. Keep in mind that many of the supplements suggested in the reports are from PureGenomics’ own line of products.

Cost of PureGenomics

PureGenomics states that healthcare professionals, and therefore their patients, can utilize the platform and genetic analysis free of charge.

Pure Encapsulations, PureGenomics’ supplement line, costs from $9 to $130 per bottle, depending on the nutrient, delivery format (chewable tablet, capsule), and the number of pills in the bottle. These are often recommended to patients throughout the report.

Health Recommendations from PureGenomics

PureGenomics delivers diet, lifestyle, and supplement recommendations in their reports. They make specific food and supplement suggestions for each trait analyzed, but they do not include the specific nutritional needs or supplement dosage users should consume. Additionally, these recommendations are based on only one or two variants.

The reports do not offer any additional resources for the patients, and the company does not provide the scientific studies that are used to generate the reports.

Review of PureGenomics Privacy & Data Security

PureGenomics claims not to share any genetic information with third parties. The company may share aggregate, anonymous, or de-identified information with external research partners.

Users may request that their DNA data be deleted at any time. Healthcare providers have access to the patient’s report, but they cannot access the patient’s account on their behalf.

SelfDecode vs PureGenomics

  1. SelfDecode delivers natural supplements, diet, and lifestyle suggestions based on your genes that you can implement right away. PureGenomics offers diet, lifestyle, and supplement recommendations based on an analysis of a limited number of variants.
  2. SelfDecode tells you why they make each recommendation so that you can understand the science behind the suggestion. PureGenomics explains how the genes analyzed impact overall health.
  3. SelfDecode prioritizes recommendations based on their analysis of all the relevant genes instead of one gene at a time (through reports). PureGenomics identifies high priority actions to help users improve their health.
  4. SelfDecode takes a holistic approach to give recommendations that are best for your genes AND the health topic. PureGenomics analyzes each trait or condition separately.
  5. SelfDecode has a team of over 60 highly skilled scientists, MDs, PhDs, NDs, and software engineers to make sure they deliver the most accurate and science-based health information. PureGenomics’ team includes 4 MDs, PhDs, and NDs.
  6. SelfDecode is the most comprehensive and looks at more genes & SNP. SelfDecode uses AI and machine learning to analyze up to 83 million genetic variants to deliver the best analysis of genetic risks. PureGenomics analyzes one or two genetic variants for each trait to make recommendations.
  7. SelfDecode supports everything with peer-reviewed scientific studies in their research and checks for contradicting information. PureGenomics provides a scientific rating in their reports, but they do not share scientific references.
  8. SelfDecode never sells your data or gives it away. PureGenomics claims not to share genetic information with third parties.



PureGenomics Toolbox Genomics

Gene Food

Personalized & holistic health recommendations

Yes Yes Yes


Genes & genetic variants analyzed

Up to 83 million genetic variants One or two SNPs for each trait Up to 155 SNPs

150 SNPs


DNA testing, wellness reports, health recommendations, patient and provider options DNA analysis for nutrition, patient and provider reports, supplements DNA testing, health and wellness reports, practitioner’s report

DNA testing, nutrition reports, nutrition coaching sessions

Raw data access

Yes N/A Yes


Cost (USD)

$97 – $387 The DNA analysis is free of charge Not disclosed

$95 – $185

PureGenomics Reviews

In a sponsored article, the reviewer from the Food Confidence blog states that they like that the PureGenomics platform allows registered dietitians to personalize their nutrition recommendations. They think that genetic results should be validated and compared to lab results, health history, and current health problems people are experiencing.

303 Amazon customers rated Pure Encapsulations PureGenomics Multivitamins an average of 4.4 of 5 stars. Most customers are happy with the effectiveness of the supplements. However, many reviewers complain about how the supplements have a bad smell, and one user states their supplement began to mold before the expiration date.

Alternatives to PureGenomics

SelfDecode: A health-focused DNA test that delivers personalized recommendations through detailed reports.

PureGenomics Review Summary

PureGenomics is a DNA analysis platform that offers diet, lifestyle, and supplement recommendations tailored to each individual. Additionally, they also offer Pure Encapsulations, a supplement line that can support the nutritional advice given by the reports.

While PureGenomics offers valuable advice to help improve overall well-being, users need to go through healthcare professionals to order the analysis. The company does not offer a DNA test, and patients must get a DNA test from other companies to use their services.

It’s also worth noting that the recommendations are only based on one or two variants. PureGenomics might be leaving out thousands, if not millions of genetic variants that can impact your health. This could mean you’re not receiving the full picture of your health.

For a more holistic approach, SelfDecode offers a direct-to-consumer DNA test and uses AI and machine learning to analyze up to 83 million genetic variants. Then, SelfDecode delivers personalized health recommendations on over 30 health topics based on DNA and labs. For healthcare providers, SelfDecode has professional plans that grant unlimited DNA report downloads and DNA file uploads.


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