FTDNA Login: How To Access Your FTDNA Raw Data

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FamilyTreeDNA is a popular DNA testing company that can offer you details regarding your health and ancestry, but what else can you do with your FTDNA raw data? Read on to learn how to use your FTDNA login information to access and download your DNA file.

About FamilyTreeDNA

FamilyTreeDNA (FTDNA) is a DNA testing company founded in 2000 by Bennett Greenspan, with headquarters in Houston, Texas. Today, the company has a database of over 1.5 million users.

It’s worth noting that, in 2018, FTDNA started helping law enforcement agencies to identify victims and suspects involved in violent crimes by using their genetic genealogy services. The company has confirmed that they worked with the FBI on several occasions.

In January 2021, FamilyTreeDNA and the Australian company myDNA announced a merger between the two companies. If you want more information, read our full FamilyTreeDNA review.

What to expect from your FamilyTreeDNA results

Your FTDNA results depend on which test you choose, from the four options offered to you:

  • Family Finder ($79): An autosomal DNA test designed to help you find your DNA relatives from your maternal and paternal lines and gives you an ethnicity breakdown by percentage.
  • Y-DNA ($119): This test traces your paternal line and provides you with an ancestral migration route. For males only.
  • mtDNA ($159): This test traces your maternal line and provides you with an ancestral migration route.
  • Tovana Health Report + Family Finder ($899): Encompasses over 1,000 health categories and conditions, medication effects, and health traits.

Keep in mind that you can only download FTDNA raw data files for Family Finder tests. For other tests, you can view your raw data online and manually copy and paste it into a computer file.

FTDNA login: How to download your FTDNA raw data

Here, you’ll find a step-by-step guide on how to use your FTDNA login information to access your account and download your raw data.

Step 1: Find the FTDNA login button and sign in to your account

To get access to your FTDNA raw data, you must first log in to your account.

When you visit the FamilyTreeDNA website, you should find the FTDNA login button on the top right corner of your screen.

FTDNA Login Button

By clicking on this button, you should be redirected to the FTDNA login page.

Step 2: Enter your FTDNA login information

Once you get to the FTDNA login page, you’ll be asked for your Kit Number or GAP Username and password.

FTDNA Login Page

After you enter your information, you’ll gain access to your account and can look for your DNA data.

If you can’t remember your FTDNA login information, you can click on ‘Forgot your Kit Number or GAP Username?’. You’ll be prompted to enter your primary email address associated with your account so the company can send you your information.

Step 3: Find your FTDNA raw data file

If you purchased a Family Finder test, you’ll be able to download your raw DNA results.

Once you’re in your account, find the myFTDNA dropdown menu and click on MyDNA > Family Finder > Download Raw Data.

Step 4: Download your FTDNA raw data

On the download page, you’ll have two options for your raw data:

  • Build 37 Autosomal Raw Data
  • Build 36 Autosomal Raw Data

Once you click on the data and build you want to download, FTDNA provides you with a zipped file that you’ll need to unzip to access the CVS file.

Step 5: Log out of your FTDNA account

After a FTDNA login, don’t forget to sign out of your account.

Under your kit number in the upper right corner of your screen, you’ll find a dropdown menu. By hovering your cursor over it, there will be an option to sign out.

What else can you do with your FTDNA raw data?

If you chose to get your DNA tested with FamilyTreeDNA for ancestry and don’t want to pay $899 to get health insights, there are other alternatives you should consider when it comes to using your FTDNA raw data.

You can upload your DNA file to companies such as SelfDecode to get access to personalized and prioritized diet, lifestyle, and supplement recommendations for less than $100 per year. Plus, you’ll get access to features like SelfDecode Labs, where you can upload your lab results to receive insights into how to get your levels to their optimal range.

With SelfDecode, you’ll receive an analysis of up to 83 million genetic variants from a typical DNA file. How? SelfDecode uses AI and machine learning to give you the most complete picture of your health. Unlike other companies that only look at one or two SNPs, SelfDecode analyzes an average of 1 million variants per report!

If you’re interested in finding more DNA matches by using your FTDNA raw data and uncovering more about your past, you can upload your results to other free platforms that can help you grow your family tree.


Now that you learned step-by-step how to use your FTDNA login information to access your account and download your raw file, you can use your DNA data to find out more about your health or ancestry, or both.

When it comes to your health, FTDNA does offer a DNA test that can give you some insights, but it will cost you $899. Other companies such as SelfDecode can provide you with a lot more information and personalized health recommendations based on millions of genetic variants.


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