Genetic Testing Companies: A Comprehensive Guide

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An Introduction To DNA Testing

Genetic testing companies can offer you information about health or ancestry. Before choosing a DNA test, it’s important to understand what you hope to learn from it so you can know if the company will fulfill your needs.

Here we will present you with an exhaustive list of genetic testing companies and each of them has to offer, both for ancestry and health. These include direct-to-consumer as well as physician-ordered tests.

Genetic Testing Companies For Health

SelfDecode: Get personalized diet, lifestyle, and supplement recommendations based on an analysis of up to 83 million genetic variants. SelfDecode also offers lab analysis and health insights based on labs.

23andMe: Genetic testing company for ancestry, health, and traits.

24Genetics: WGS, WES, and health and ancestry reports.

ADNTRO: Health, wellness, traits, pharmacogenomics, and ancestry reports.

Ambry Genetics: Clinically focused genetic testing.

Athletigen: Athletic performance, nutrition, and overall health.

Atlas Biomed: Health, nutrition, and fitness reports.

CircleDNA: Whole exome sequencing and health, nutrition, and ancestry reports.

Color Genomics: Psychotropic, cancer, and cardiology-related genetic predispositions.

CRI Genetics: Weight loss, allergies, health, and ancestry reporting.

Dante Labs: Whole genome sequencing, whole exome sequencing, health reporting.

The DNA Company: DNA testing, health and wellness reports, health coaching.

DNAFit: Genetic testing company focused on diet and fitness.

DNALife: Health, nutrition, and fitness reports.

dnaPower: Diet, fitness, cognition, and health reports.

EasyDNA: Health, wellness, and ancestry reports.

Evergreen Life: Reports for diet, metabolism, fitness, and skincare, health app.

FitnessGenes: Genetic testing company for fitness and nutrition.

FoundMyFitness: Health and nutrition reports.

Futura Genetics: A report on 28 common health issues.

Gene Food: Genetic testing company for diet and nutrition.

GeneDx: Physician-ordered rare and ultra-rare disorders reports.

GenePlanet: Nutrition, sports, sleep, and stress reports.

GeneSight: Pharmacogenomics testing.

Genex Diagnostics: Health, nutrition, fitness, and ancestry reports.

Genomind: Psychotropic and mental health reports.

GenoPalate: DNA testing or raw data upload for nutrition analysis.

Genovate: Health, fitness, nutrition, traits, and ancestry.

GenoVive: Weight management and meal delivery service.

Gini Health: Diet and supplement reports, health app.

Health Nucleus: WGS, full body MRI, lab tests, and other diagnostic exams.

Helix: Health and ancestry reports.

HomeDNA: Food sensitivity, weight, skincare, paternity, and ancestry testing.

InsideTracker: DNA and lab test analysis.

Integrated Genetics: Clinical genetic testing, genetic counseling.

Invitae: Specialized reports to aid medical diagnosis.

Kailos Genetics: DNA testing, cancer screenign, pharmacogenetics.

LifeDNA: Health, nutrition, fitness, and skincare reports.

MapMyGenome: Genetic sequencing company, health, wellness, and ancestry analysis.

Muhdo: Genetic testing company for diet and fitness.

myDNA: Subscription-based fitness and nutrition insights.

myDNAhealth: Health and wellness, online supplement shop.

Myogenes: Hereditary and breast cancer tests, pharmacogenomics.

Myriad Genetics (Counsyl): Women’s health, hereditary cancer, and precision medicine.

Nebula Genomics: Whole genome sequencing and interpretation.

New Life Genetics: DNA-based health and wellness reports.

NutraHacker: Detoxification and Methylation, carrier status, health reports.

Nutrition Genome: Nutrition-focused insights.

Orig3n: Metabolism, fitness, nutrition, and lactose intolerance services.

Pathway Genomics (OmeCare): Direct-to-consumers and physician-ordered tests.

PreventionGenetics: Physician-ordered DNA sequencing company for genetic conditions.

Psomagen: Gut biome test and a saliva DNA test for traits.

PURE Genetic Lifestyle: Health and nutrition reports, personalized supplements.

Rightangled: Heart health, fitness, and nutrition DNA reports.

Sema4: Clinical genetic testing company.

Sequencing.com: Health, nutrition, fitness, beauty, and ancestry reports.

SmartDNA: Heart health and gut microbiome reports.

StrateGene: Genetic pathway analysis.

tellmeGen: Genetic predisposition to health conditions, traits, ancestry, and pharmacogenomics.

Toolbox Genomics: Health and wellness reports, separate practitioner-focused tests.

Üforia Science: Nutrition, fitness, and skincare.

Veritas Genetics: whole genome sequencing and genetic counseling.

Viome: Genetic testing and microbiome testing.

Vitagene: Fitness, vitamins, and skin trait reports.

WeGene: Health, wellness, and ancestry reports focused on East Asia.

Genetic Testing Companies For Ancestry

African Ancestry: Maternal and paternal lineage.

AncestryDNA: Genetic testing company for ancestry, DNA matching, and traits.

Family Tree DNA: Ancestry, migration routes, and DNA matches.

FindMyPast: Family tree builder, ancestry reports, historical records.

Full Genomes: y DNA testing company.

GenePlaza: Ancestry and trait analysis.

Geni: Family tree builder, DNA analysis for genealogy.

Living DNA: Ancestry tracing and wellbeing analysis reporting.

MyHeritage: DNA genealogy tracing, family tree building, and DNA matching.

DNA Analysis Companies (No DNA Test)

Codegen.eu: Search engine-like service for genetic research.

DNA.Land: Crowdsourcing genetic data to advance medical research.

DNAGedcom: Genealogy research tools.

GEDmatch: DNA analysis software for genetic genealogy.

Genomapp: DNA analysis app for disease, traits, and drug response.

Genomelink: Genetic analysis for traits and ancestry.

ichrogene: Genetic analysis report for health.

Impute.me: Genetic risk score calculators and health reports.

Infinome: Genetic risks for certain diseases.

Livewello: Gene variance report and other health reports.

MTHFR Support: Genetic variants reports.

MyTrueAncestry: Ancestry, genealogical maps.

OpenSNP: Open-source portal for genotypes and phenotypes.

Promethease: Genetic reports based on the SNPedia database.

PureGenomics: Patient and provider nutrigenomics reports.

Xcode Life: Health and wellness reports.

Other Genetic Testing Companies And Health Services

Baze: Blood tests for nutrient levels and supplement services.

BiogeniQ: Genetic testing company for drug response.

BIOHM: Gut health tests and supplements.

Biomesight: Gut microbiome testing.

Care/of: Vitamin packs and powders.

Check My Body Health: Sensitivity reports, nutrition, and fitness.

Curology: Prescription skincare products.

DayTwo: Gut microbiome and nutrition reports.

DNA Painter: DNA analysis for genealogy and family tree building.

Elysium Health: Cellular and brain health supplements, and biological age testing.

Embark Dog DNA: DNA tests for dogs, breed, ancestry, and health reports.

Endo·dna: Trait reports for endocannabinoid system-related health topics.

FITLabs: Food sensitivity tests and reports.

Gene Heritage: Family genetic analysis.

Heads Up Health: Centralized medical database for healthcare enthusiasts.

Human API: Health data integration service.

imaware: Men’s and women’s health, immunity, heart, allergies, and diabetes tests.

LunaDNA: Platform for users who wish to submit their DNA data for research.

Medichecks: Health and wellness lab results with doctors’ commentary.

myLAB Box: Lab-certified results for health and wellness tests.

Noom: Mobile app for weight loss.

Onegevity: Gut biome test and blood analysis.

Parsley Health: Health plans based on a series of test results.

Pillcheck: Pharmacogenomics analysis.

Q Bio: Full body MRI, biochemical and genetic screening, and biometric scanning.

Rootine: Supplement recommendations based on DNA and labs.

Sano Genetics: User-centric platform connecting people with research institutions.

Smartblood: Food intolerance tests, professional consultations.

Sun Genomics: Microbiome testing, custom probiotics, gut health reports.

TeloYears: Telomere testing, health and ancestry reports.

TestYourIntolerance: Allergy, intolerance, and DNA testing.

Thryve: Microbiome testing and supplements.

Vitl: DNA and blood tests, personalized vitamins.

WellnessFX: Lab diagnostic testing, analysis, and professional consultations.

How To Choose A Genetic Testing Company

Choosing a DNA test can be difficult, especially with so many options. Let’s discuss some key points you should consider before making a decision.

How safe is your data?

Does the company monetize your data or share it with any other third parties? It’s important to understand how your data is kept safe. There are cases of genetic testing companies that partner with pharmaceutical companies to provide access to customer data.

Fortunately, that’s not the case for all providers. SelfDecode, for example, promises to never sell or share your data with any third party. Be sure to check the company’s privacy policy if this is a priority to you.

Are the DNA results supported by scientific evidence?

The scientific validity of the reports is something you should pay attention to, especially if you are looking for a DNA test for health. Does the company employ scientists, and if so, what are their qualifications?

Sadly, some companies don’t have many scientists on their team, which can make you doubt how accurate your results are. SelfDecode has a team of over 60 highly qualified scientists, MDs, PhDs, NDs, and software engineers to make sure your results are the most accurate and supported by the latest scientific research.

Also keep in mind that a lot of genetic testing companies use outdated methods to analyze your DNA, which means that your results might not be entirely accurate. SelfDecode uses cutting-edge AI and machine learning to analyze up to 83 million genetic variants from your typical DNA file.

Does the company allow access to raw data?

This is a particularly important item if you wish to use other third-party tools to analyze your genes. Some companies do not allow you to download your raw DNA data, or they charge you extra for access. With SelfDecode, you own your data and can access and download your genetic file any time you want for no extra cost.

What other products does the company offer?

It’s important to understand what you’ll get with each company. Some genetic testing companies offer a more limited service do not provide updates to the reports or any additional features. Most DNA providers will give you a DNA report for a fixed price and nothing else.

If you’re interested in health, it’s also worth noting the extent (if any) of health recommendations provided in the reports. Most companies will give your genetic risk score and, at most, generic health recommendations that are not personalized to your DNA.

SelfDecode offers a subscription-based service so you can receive all the latest updates and have the most accurate DNA results for your health. SelfDecode provides personalized diet, lifestyle, and supplement recommendations tailored to your DNA to help optimize your overall well-being. On top of that, SelfDecode also offers other features like the Lab Test Analyzer, all included in one membership for a complete picture of your health.

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